Goodbye Japan

Tomorrow is my last day in Japan.

I’ve done everything I needed to do. I turned in my student ID, I cancelled my NHK contract (with the kind, patient help of people in ICU’s International Office), I cancelled my residence and insurance at Mitaka City Hall, and I packed everything.
So now it’s farewell.
Goodbye to the walk to school every morning and the cheerful ICU guards who said hello every day
Goodbye to the ICU cats with the missing ears and the crows that hang around the campus exit
Goodbye to that easy walk to 7-11 and the frozen yakisoba I started eating my first week here and then continued to eat once a week since then
Goodbye to train rides to Kichijoji and the comfort of knowing how to walk to the bookstore from the station
Goodbye to my Japanese class, the terrors of having to memorize dozens of kanji and vocab every week, the amount that I learned despite the feeling that I could never learn it all, and how our class got became closer and how we started laughing at everything
Goodbye to History of Asian Music I and coming alive hearing songs I would have never been exposed to before
Goodbye to Modern Japanese Literature in English Translation and coming alive reading stories I would never have been exposed to before
Goodbye to my apartment
Goodbye to Nogawa Park
Goodbye to music and music and music and music, so much music
But at least the music and the friendships will carry through.
Goodbye Japan

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