Movie Journal: Hugo (2011)

Cinematography/editing/sound: Heavily stylized imagery, which I have a sneaking suspicion is more practical effects than one might assume. Howard Shore’s score is really a character of its own. The film wouldn’t be the same without the music.

Writing: Relying little on dialogue, a smart, adult depiction of dealing with the past laced in the storytelling of a children’s fairytale.

Acting: Great ensemble cast, but really relies on two young actors to carry the film, and they do very well.

I would recommend this to: I’m not really sure. The audience is unclear, as it’s a children’s movie with an adult sensibility, and it’s simultaneously visually rich and fairly slow-paced.

Comments: I appreciate this more knowing it’s based on a graphic novel and tying the visuals to that. I would probably appreciate it even more had I read Brian Selznick’s original book.


Movie Journal: Hugo (2011)

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