Singing singing singing.

It has a lot to do with sensing the operations of the inside of your body that you wouldn’t normally pay attention to – diaphragm (stomach area for me), lungs (breath), throat, the inside of your mouth. Breath, breath, breath. The key is for the breath to come out easy. You can’t get louder by forcing it. You get louder when you have more air whittling through you. You can feel it, can’t you? Head voice can come out so easily, but then, when you push out more air, your chest vibrates, too. That must be more powerful – stronger. Just a little bit of effort. Keep that effort in your chest voice. If you don’t try, it doesn’t come out. Don’t force the air out; spring it out of your stomach, using your diaphragm as a springboard. Zing! Out it comes. Imagine the air zipping through the top of your head, focusing in to land on your hard palate. It rings off the walls of your mouth. Drop your jaw down. Yes, that’s right. Mouth open, not closed. Sing full every vowel. Every note should be complete and honest. Project. More power on the higher, harder, notes. A bit of help may be needed. Use your breath to glide over them.

Exit your body. You’re still singing, you’re dancing, but you’re looking down at yourself from above and behind. You can adjust your posture, your “pushing” of your diaphragm, your tongue position, your articulation, the distance you drop your chin, the direction of your air and where it is reflecting in your mouth. You can see it all and move each part, like a puppeteer adjusting a marionette’s position on stage.

Now, the emotion. That’s the thing. You need to be relaxed. It needs to all come easy, not forcefully. Just with a little bit of push, a little bit of extra effort, and there. That’s not so bad, is it? You’re having fun.

When you learn the song, relaxed and able to sing it all, sing it emotionally. Sing happy songs happily. You’re in love. You’re in pain. You’re emotion. Sing it, view yourself from the outside, drop your jaw, reflect your powerful breath off the roof of your mouth, and switch on the emotional button and expressions. Relax, engage, embrace it. Be with it. Sing.


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