Change in NC

Yesterday, the first news I got when I came home was that the ban on same-sex marriage in North Carolina was struck down.

Today, it’s National Coming Out Day. It feels rather fitting.

I am so, so grateful for this event. I know there are still a lot of other things that need to be changed, but I feel like this moment is worth celebrating. It is beautiful and sudden and I wasn’t entirely prepared for it. But it happened. It’s real.

On the topic of coming out…

I don’t think anyone should feel it’s necessary to declare who they are for the sake of other people’s understanding, or say what category they fit most in.

I think sometimes, it can be a good thing to talk about things in the open. And it can mean a lot (I know it can) to hear that other people – celebrities you admire, friends, family – are in the same boat as you.

But I also know that sometimes, as Alan Cumming once put it, you can feel a little grey. Sometimes the words don’t quite fit, or you don’t feel comfortable saying you’re one way or another.

So for you. Don’t worry. You aren’t alone.

Change in NC

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